Prime Factor: Money

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Mankind produced goods for various uses since the beginning of their existence. But, after a certain level of technology, more goods started to get produced; both in quantity and diversity. Meanwhile, no tribe / state were able to produce everything they need. Thus a need for bartering rose and people began to compensate their lacks by offering another community the things they need and taking what they need in exchange. It kept going for a time. Then Lydians “invented” money to remove weights and restrictions of bartering system.

We use machinery in this modern age. Machines require an input to return it back as “energy”. In fact, this is the core fact stated in physics. Machines, our creations, must obey this rule also. Speaking of input; fuel it can be, electricity might run a machine or manual power is an alternative. In short, everything is for “input” and that input is “energy”.

If we observe life, we can clearly observe that all living things require some kind of “input” to sustain their living states. Living beings don’t accept electricity or fuel as a way of sustainment. They desire a “motive” instead. They require a motive to do what they want to do. It sounds simple but it is an universal concept, plus a fact science displayed. Thus, both animals, those who are bound to their instincts to produce a behavior, and mankind, those who have free wills and behave with an intention to gain / win, require the “input” that is spoken about.

“Input” means “money” for the whole mankind. But, money means a lot of things for people. It is “purchasing power” in the simplest manner. We all know that no one can buy something without paying the cost first. Or, things we buy can buy us and act as a magnificent, almost holy, statue of purpose. Or, making money might be one’s main motive in his / her life and so deep alterations at one’s life may accompany. These were just a few examples of the possible meanings of money for a human.

“Existence Guide 101” contains the following line: “You must lose something if you gain something”. Money is no exception to this rule that guide tells. One loses, one always loses while thinking of what he / she gained. Every victory on the quest for money is a phyrric victory, which you won’t actually win while thinking that you had a great victory. Who thinks that pursuit of money was easy? For e.g. you might damage personal relations due to many reasons. Losing moral beliefs is a probability. But, losing “colors” of life is a sure thing to happen, for the essence of life hates cruel, wicked and thus unnatural ways. So, according to that guide book referred, “Money corrupts as toxins corrupt your blood”

It is clear that the money runs the world as fuel runs an engine. Engine can’t choose if it wants fuel or not. But we, mankind, are able to choose. So it appears that we gladly have made our decision. We have chosen to have a “master-key”. Nobody had seen the truth. Many valued money as if it was the God itself. But nobody had seen the blade that was hanging above. Damocles of Ancient Greece saw the blade. I wish we see it too as soon as possible.

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