About Ney, vice versa

Bu Bolivyalı bir arkadaşıma yazdığım bir e-postadan alıntıdır. "Ney" ile ilgilenen okusun ilgilenmeyen dümdüz aşağı devam etsin..

Well, time for some real stuff now :)

The band Yansımalar is a really unique band because they were the first to meld guitar and tambur (tambourine in english?!) into "ney" sound.

Ney is a mysterious blown instrument made of reed, able to create such sound that makes you bow your head and think or just feel whatever you feel. Besides, it is considered as a religious instrument. Allah (the God as you might name) has blown life into the universe as we believe. (we = Muslim people)
And if we wanna go deeper, one must not pass without mentioning about
Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi and his opinions. You can find some information in this link http://www.mevlanayili.gov.tr/en/Default.aspx?17A16AE30572D3131279C58074C31537E02233C478ECCCA1

According to what we understand from him: Ney is a symbol depicting "human". And human soul came into body by his (Allah's) will. So, it came from Allah. Because of this, soul is counted as an exile torn apart from the source which desires to return back to it, Allah. Long story short, "ney" tells the soul desiring to return, moaning with the love of Allah. Like the "ney" (reed) moans to return back to the place where is was picked off, human moans for the same thing.

If English was my mother language I could precisely describe you what I know and feel but its not. So maybe you can use following links as a beginning:


By the way you may come across a person known as "Mercan Dede". Foreign people LOVE him but I, as a ney blower (though I am really apprentice at), HATE him. Will tell you why if you wonder.

Hope this helped, see you later & again :)

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